Core Capabilities

Custom electromechanical assemblies consisting of:

Electronics & Controls / PCB Boards / Sensors

Custom electronics are our specialty! With Hankscraft, you will receive world-class quality, high-value electronics with faster turnaround times. Our experienced electronic design engineers, your PCB requirements will be met with multiple options per application.

- EMI Suppression
- Motor Controls
- Sensor Controls
- Cable Assemblies
- Wire Harnesses
- LED Fabrication
- PCB Fabrication
- Single- and Double-Sided PCB Boards
- Hand Printed PCB Boards
- Surface Mount PCB Boards


We produce a wide range of motors for a variety of consumer and commercial applications.

- AC Synchronous Motors (1/560 RPM - 100 RPM, 24VAC - 230VAC)

      - SNP Permanent Magnet   Learn More >>
      - SNRV Bidirectional   Learn More >>
      - Model E Heavy Duty   Learn More >>

- DC Geared Motors (0.4VDC - 24VDC, multiple gear ratios)

      - 3440 Gear Motor   Learn More >>
      - SNPDC Gear Motor   Learn More >>

- Induction Motors
- Brushless Motors
- Stepper Motors
- Micro Motors
- Component Application Motors

High-Tolerance Injection Molding

We are capable of molding plastic components both large and small using customized, highly-technical injection molding, vacuum forming and urethane molding processes. To successfully meet your needs, we are able to take on even the most challenging parts that require filter holes down to 0.0005 inches.

- Acetal
- Nylon
- Polycarbonate
- Polystyrene
- Polypropylene
- Thermo/Vaccum Forming
- Sonic Welding
- Hot Stamping
- Spin Welding
- Pad Printing
- Auto Assembly
- Manual Assembly
- Precise, Custom Plastic Molding

Metal Stamping

We can create high-volume, precision, custom metal parts to your specifications.Custom metal stamping in a wide variety of materials. Whether developing a new product or re-engineering your existing parts, you can trust that your custom metal parts will be manufactured right the first time, every time to fit your exact application.

- Punching
- Drilling
- Tapping
- Cleaning
- Forming
- Riveting
- Staking
- Deburring
- Bending
- Spot Welding
- Drawing
- Grinding
- Plating
- Painting
- Powder Coating

And More!

We also have additional capabilities including thermo/vacuum forming and powdered metal processing, however, we are not limited by the capabilities noted here. In the rare instance that we aren't able to produce your entire project, we have a network of highly-secure, trusted 3rd party suppliers who can manufacture components or complete products for you.