About Hankscraft

Hankscraft's OEM Division is a part of the Hankscraft Inc. family.

Hankscraft Inc. was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1920, stemming from the creation of an electric egg cooker invented by Marshall Hanks.

In 1927, Wayne Ramsey joined Hanks and the two developed other innovative products including baby bottle warmers, sterilizers, vaporizers and humidifiers. By the 1940's, Hankscraft had become a trusted brand of household products. We continued to expand our product line by producing electric motors for motion displays, appliances and other applications.

Due to our exponential growth, we moved to a larger facility in Reedsburg, Wisconsin in 1949, becoming a leader in baby related products, motors, animated point of purchase displays and hygiene/sanitation products.

In 2003, Hankscraft opened Han Ke Wu Jiao Mechanical & Electrical Co. in Suzhou, China, giving us the resources to design and build PCBs, plastics, electronics, motors and metal stamping with complete assembly. Han Ke Wu Jiao received its ISO9001 certificate in 2005.

Today Hankscraft has over 300 employees worldwide who provide our customers with a wide range of products and services. We pride ourselves on being the industry experts and look forward to sharing success with our customers and partners.

Corporate Headquarters
Reedsburg, WI

Han Ke Wu Jiao
Suzhou, China