plastic molding and forming

Motors for a variety of projects and products.

Whether your molded plastic pieces are part of a sub-assembly or the final production run for your total assembly, you can rely on our company, equipment and capabilities. Capabilities of molding a variety of materials and molding styles include:

• Acetal
• Nylon

• Polycarbonate

• Polystyrene
• Polypropylene

• Sonic Welding
• Hot Stamping
• Spin Welding
• Pad Printing
• Auto Assembly
• Manual Assembly

Combine our exceptional engineering and in-house resources in plastic molding, with our secondary operations and assembly; Hankscraft gives you an edge over your competition

Precise custom plastic molding

We are capable of molding components both large and small.

To successfully complete your custom plastic molding needs, we're experienced at molding challenging parts that have filter holes down to 0.0005 inches.